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Who's Katy Perry?

Irritating frequently asked questions

"Why do you never go out like everyone else your age?" Because I would rather stay in my house where I feel comfortable, I’m not good at socialising so what’s the point. This generation is obsessed with alcohol, I like coffee.

"Why do you push people away?" Because I feel like they don’t deserve to get caught up in my mess of a life.

"Why do you spend so much time on twitter/your phone?" Because I find it entertaining, I have friends on twitter, I’m in a fanbase. My phone helps take away the awkward situation of maybe having to talk to people who probably don’t like me anyway.

"Why are you so obsessed with a celebrity who doesn’t even know you exist and will never meet?" She helps me, she makes me feel like I’m not alone. I owe her for so much and have made so many friendships through her that I’m eternally grateful for. Maybe I’ll meet her one day, maybe I won’t, but I’ll always support her regardless. I haven’t met God either but I’m still religious.

"Why is your Instagram covered in photos of Katy perry?" Because I’m a fucking katycat, do you expect a photographic collection of one direction. Unfollow if you don’t want to look at her.

"Why do you tell your problems to stranger online?" Because those strangers are actually my friends if you cared enough to ask me about my fan girl life in detail, and maybe those ‘strangers’ care more than the people around me.